Election Integrity

There are dozens of things we can do to chip away at election fraud and restore voter confidence. Most of which we’ve all heard about: photo ids, clean up voter rolls, eliminate drop boxes, and the rest. What I’m offering is not a single policy change or a prescription of changes. Rather, I’m offering a lens through which all my actions as your next SOS will be viewed through and motivated by. If elected, I will struggle, I will labor, I will fight to deliver to you and the people of Georgia “fair and provable elections.” That’s it. That’s the whole promise: fair and provable elections.

David Belle Isle is a 6th generation Georgian, running for the office of Secretary of State with a vision to create an irresistible home state and to make Georgia the best place for business with unmatched opportunity. He understands that beyond the direct tasks of the Secretary of State stands the role of Keeper of the Seal; a role ideally suited to a mayor’s heart.

David gets the significance and seriousness of voter security. He is committed to bridging the gap for our business owners and those who seek to be licensed professionals. He recognizes the importance of growing and embracing Georgia’s unique economic strengths. The role of Keeper of the Seal is not so different from that of mayor. As the former Mayor of Alpharetta, David has proven his ability to create an irresistible city; one of unmatched opportunity with the highest salaries in Georgia; one that has become a hometown, even for those who grew up somewhere else; one that has become the best at what it does best, technology.

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