Hand-marked Paper Ballots


Move to hand-marked paper ballots, like 35 other states, including Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and even New York. Because in Georgia, we have to win back trust.

And, in Georgia, we know you can’t hack a pen.

A Republic cannot thrive without trust.  Trust in our legal system, our government and in the elections that define both. Due to the lack of leadership from Brad Raffensperger and his reliance on Dominion Voting Systems, Georgia has lost the trust of many of its citizens.

  • Hundreds of thousands of Georgians have lost faith in the Dominion voting machines.
  • 300,000 Georgia Republicans stayed home rather than vote in the January 5th runoff.
  • Dominion and Pro V&V (the company Raffensperger chose to conduct “audits” of Dominion), have a long history.
  • Pro V&V approved a last-minute software change to the Dominion voting machines prior to the November 3rd election.
  • Brad’s staff rotated from the Secretary of State’s office to Dominion and back to the Secretary of State’s office.
  • Something is amiss!

There have been allegations of deleted votes, switched votes, and hacked votes. The liberal media says it’s fine. Conservative media says we should investigate. Georgia voters are left unsure. 

Georgia’s complex voting system includes QR codes, laptops, iPads, magnetic cards, touchscreens, printers, and scanners. There are a lot of moving parts; too much room for fraud; too much room for doubt; too much room for imagination.

Republicans will never vote at full strength in Georgia’s elections until we have full faith in Georgia’s election system.

It is time to DITCH DOMINION!